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Dr. Ulrich Vogel

How you can master the complexity of the new world of work with the 'Values Compass'

Nobody runs to 100% of their potential. We all have room for improvement. The key to unleashing the potential lies in value-based thinking and acting. How does it work? You 'break down' planned activities and align them based on values. The 'value compass' shows a simple system in the jungle of complexity of modern working environments, with which you can differentiate every action step by step according to value dimensions. You recognize stumbling blocks, but above all opportunities to increase your value proposition. In addition, you can use the value compass to assess yourself and have others judge you. Use the tools shown in the lecture to unleash your potential - and that of other people.

Session in German.


Dr. Ulrich Vogel studied political science, economics and public law. For over 20 years he has been working in consulting with a focus on people. He uses the findings of formal value science to make the world of work more humane and therefore more successful. With his company profilingvalues, he promotes value-based corporate management. Its subject areas can be briefly outlined as follows: value diagnostics; Training in value diagnostics; Establishing a value-based management culture; Personnel selection and development;Potential analyzes and assessments;Support in change processes; Tailor-made conception and implementation in the area of leadership: leadership philosophy, leadership principles, leadership guidelines, leadership training, mentoring, location assessments, coaching, leadership dialogue and much more

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