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Stefan Stenzel

Dipl.-Psych., A&O

After working as a trainer consultant at a management consultancy, he has been working at SAP SE since 2001 as a senior expert consultant as a project and program manager in the area of executive development as well as informal or experience-based learning in the context of the topics "Future of Work" and "Digital HR / Leadership & Learning ". He is also globally responsible for the provision of external coaches for all management levels and also coaches internally from the start. In 2004 he was a co-founder of the DBVC eV. In addition to his current work as an internal trainer, he is working on a portfolio on the external communication behavior of executives.

As an author and keynote speaker, he writes or speaks on the aforementioned topics.

With its internal coaching program, SAP was already a participant in the ICF Prism Award International ( ).

He is currently a passive member of the jury.

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