Rita Symons

Human Connections: The Role of Coaching in Imagining a Different Future

We live in uncertain times. Whilst it is easy to despair, this gives us an opportunity to think about humanity and our future in new and bold ways. What would happen if we remove some of the blinkers? Some of the things we think have to be the way they are? This session shares some recent thinking on non-violent communication and invites you to consider how we might want to reshape our way of living and what the role of coaches may be in this. A fundamental part of coaching is raising awareness, so what are the ethical dilemmas for coaches in doing this in big areas like social justice? If you believe change happens one conversation at a time, coaches could be the key to unlock a better future.


Rita is a credible, accredited coach, mentor and leadership development specialist, combining recent work in coaching and leadership development, with 20 years' experience in the Health Service in the UK (NHS).  She is working with individual clients, teams  and organizations and still does most of her work in the NHS, in many cases leading on new program development.  She has recently worked on a Reciprocal Mentoring Program for Inclusion and is currently working on a program for Aspirant Chairs, designed to bring more diversity into the leadership of organizations. 

She strongly believes in taking an asset approach to coaching and mentoring, empowering individuals to take control of their situations. She also believes that as coaches we have a responsibility not to steer our clients but to raise awareness of key issues such as social justice and climate change to help build a world where both individuals and the planet thrive.

She has also undertaken work with vulnerable women in the UK including  with Oxfam and Growing  Points.  Rita is a volunteer with the EMCC and is currently the UK President. She is a concerned world citizen  and mum to two grown  up girls and a greyhound.