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Winner 2020: SAP gets award for an excellent coaching program

The winner of the Prism Award of ICF Germany 2020 for excellent coaching offers has been determined: It is the largest European software company in terms of turnover: SAP.
The award, being presented for the third time this year, honors special coaching offers in companies and organizations. This is intended to recognize the responsible work of the personnel developers involved, as well as the companies that rely on a strong coaching culture.
The presentation of the Prism Award Germany is supported by ICF Austria and the sponsor RELEVANT Managementberatung (Hogan Assessment).
The independent expert jury, consisting of scientists, Prism Award winners from recent years, HR managers and experienced coaches as well as coaching training experts spoke out in favor of the SAP coaching program because a young dynamic team has been open to innovation and willingness to grow in the company. With self-reflection and sustainability, the SAP Coach Community advocates “empowerment of employees” and thus offers space for a coaching culture to develop in the company.
SAP has high standards in terms of the development and further expansion of the offers and is heavily involved in the training and certification of coaches. This is reflected in the 100% integration of the international quality criteria and ethical guidelines of ICF Germany.
Dr. Geertje Tutschka, PCC, who is responsible for the Prism Award Germany with her team: "I am particularly proud and grateful for the great commitment of the project team, the ICF board, the jury, the sponsor and of course the company managers, to support and enable coaching offers and their awards within this special year 2020. "
The SAP coaching team, which has already received a so-called “Honorable Mention” from the Prism Awards (ICF global), are now pleased to receive the Prism Award from ICF Germany as recognition.
Franziska Weis, Global Peer Learning Program Lead, Global HR, SAP SE: “We are delighted to have received the ICF Prism Award Germany. Our coaches and the entire coaching team put a lot of passion and energy into the program so that each employee can reach their full potential. We are very proud of this and will continue to work on expanding our global SAP coaching program and developing our coaches. I would also like to thank Ann-Kathrin Brodkorb (Global Peer Learning Community Manager, Global HR, SAP SE) and Nicole Häffner (Personal Growth Experience Owner, Global HR, SAP SE), who support the coaching program with a lot of heart, having invested countless hours of work in the coaching program and the Prism Award application. "
As always, the award will be presented on coachingTAG on November 12, 2020 in a festive gala that will take place online for the first time this year.

Gewinnerphoto Prism Award 2019
Gewinnerphoto Prism Award 2019

Prism Award
Prism Award

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Prism Award Logo

Gewinnerphoto Prism Award 2019
Gewinnerphoto Prism Award 2019

PRISM Award 2021

Development. Progress. Innovation.

The Prism Award of the International Coaching Federation Germany has been honoring a particularly outstanding coaching offer in companies and organizations in German-speaking countries every year since 2018, which is a "beacon" for the coaching industry with tested quality, careful evaluation as well as innovation and passion. Coaching supports corporate strategy, develops a coaching mindset among employees and managers and thus establishes a coaching culture in the company. Purely technical software programs or pure training courses are rather unsuitable for this. Nevertheless, so-called blended learning programs, in which coaching is integrated as an independent module, are certainly permitted. Previous winners in Germany are adidas, CMS Legal, Vodafone and VW.


The International Prism Award has been granted for years by the ICF to companies and organizations that stand out by establishing a coaching culture with very extraordinary results in difficult change processes. Coca Cola Russia, Airbus and many other well-known companies have been among the nominees in recent years. You can find some of these extraordinary and inspiring examples at

In 2020, ICF Austria will take part in the ICF Germany Prism Award for the first time. Companies from all over the German-speaking region can apply for the award.

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The ICF Germany 2020 Prism Award

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Dr. Geertje Tutschka, PCC has been leading the project team and the jury since the ICF Germany Prism Award was initiated and is responsible for the award ceremony with the team of the sponsoring partner RELEVANT Managementberatung (Hogan Assessment). She has been a lawyer and corporate lawyer in Germany and Austria for 25 years with almost 5 years of experience in the USA. With CLP Consulting for Legal Professionals, she has been leading the leading management consultancy for lawyers and law firms since 2012, where she played a key role in establishing the CLP Academy's legal coaching training. Dr. Tutschka is the author of numerous books and a sought-after speaker and stands for the highest standards of professionalism and responsibility. From 2016-2019 she led the ICF Germany Charter Chapter as President and President past.

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  • Prism Award basic information, history and goal setting

  • Who is a promising candidate?

  • What are the basic requirements and what is the TimeLine like?

  • As a coach, how do I use the Prism Award for my business?

  • Why and where certification as an ICF Coach is important at the Prism Award

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