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Prism Award Winner 2021

Robert Bosch GmbH wins PRISM Award 2021 from ICF Germany for an excellent coaching program

The winner of the PRISM Award 2021 of ICF Germany for excellent coaching offers has been determined: It is Robert Bosch GmbH from Stuttgart. The award, which was presented for the fourth time this year by the German chapter of the largest international association of professional coaches, honors special coaching offers in companies and organizations.​


This is intended to honor the responsible work of the personnel developers involved, as well as the companies that rely on a strong coaching culture. The presentation of the PRISM Award by ICF Germany was again supported by the sponsor RELEVANT Managementberatung (Hogan Assessment).

The independent expert jury, consisting of scientists, PRISM Award winners from recent years, HR managers and experienced coaches, as well as coaching experts, spoke out in favor of Bosch's coaching program this year. The main reason for this decision is the fact that it carefully brings together the various initiatives with very different levels of development in all their diversity with the aim of preserving and promoting initiative, innovation and reflection.

With “We coach Bosch”, the Bosch Coach Community is very committed to creating a coaching culture throughout the company.

The Stuttgart company has high standards in terms of the development and expansion of coaching offers. Bosch wants to give each of its almost 400,000 employees the opportunity for further training as part of various coaching initiatives. Great emphasis is placed on the quality of the individual coaches' training and the evaluation of the coaching sessions. "We coach Bosch" combines the coaching offers at national level, the external and internal coach pool as well as various internal options such as the coach pool of the Service Area Global Information Systems & Services, Coaching @ Power Tools and the Space2Grow Bosch Siemens home appliances program. "We coach Bosch" is recognized for the fact that every employee can look for a coach easily, unbureaucratically and confidentially, and that this offer is not only available to managers, but is free of charge for everyone.

“Integrating coaching into our management and corporate culture is a matter close to my heart. The PRISM Award confirms that we are on the right track. During the application process, we received valuable information on how we can develop further, ”says Jens Maxeiner, Director Manufacturing Operations and Engineering Oxygen Sensors, one of the initiators of the application at Bosch.

Dr. Geertje Tutschka, PCC, who will be responsible for the management of the PRIMS Award in Germany with her team in 2021: "I am extremely pleased that with the PRISM Award we can present a worthy winner again this year: a company , which supports, uses and lives coaching and is based exclusively on ICF standards for all global offers. With "We Coach Bosch" we can invite a coaching community with quality coaching to come onto the stage. "

The Bosch GmbH coaching team is now pleased to receive the PRISM Award from ICF Germany in recognition of:

Ulrike Stegmaier, Human Resources - Organizational Development, Transformation and Leadership Culture: “We Coach Bosch is a grassroots initiative, it lives from the commitment of employees who offer their coaching skills unbureaucratically and for everyone - in the spirit of a learning organization. The coaching mindset becomes a corporate culture. "

Andrea Güsewell, Bosch Training Center, adds: “With the global“ We coach Bosch ”movement, Bosch employees are advancing the subject of coaching and self-directed learning, based on a central Bosch principle: trust. This initiated a radical mindset shift (from top-down to bottom up) and releases new energies.

"We are pleased about this award and it is an incentive for us to carry coaching further into our organization", so also Corinna Dornbusch, HR Expertise Owner Bosch Powertools. And Johannes Höss, Agile Master Engineering Central Engine Control Units, adds: “Coaching brings great benefits for people as well as for the company. We are proud to receive this award because it confirms the benefits that coaching delivers for the well-being of the company. "

As always, the award ceremony took place on the coachingTAG on November 11, 2021 in a festive gala, which had to take place online for the second time this year. Submissions for coaching programs for the PRISM Award 2022 can be made from May 2022.

Der PRISM Award geht 2023 in die nächste Runde.
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Coaching in Germany - EXCELLENT

We talked about all the relevant information for applicants, HR professionals and business partners, coaches, media and interested parties.

Podcast guest:

Dr. Geertje Tutschka, PCC has led the project team and the jury since the ICF Germany PRISM Award was initiated and is responsible for the award ceremony with the team of the sponsoring partner RELEVANT Managementberatung (Hogan Assessment). She has been a lawyer and corporate lawyer in Germany and Austria for 25 years with almost 5 years of experience in the USA.

With CLP-Consulting for Legal Professionals, she has been leading the leading management consultancy for lawyers and law firms since 2012, where she played a key role in establishing the CLP-Academy's legal coaching training.

Dr. Tutschka is the author of numerous books and a sought-after speaker. It stands for the highest standards of professionalism and responsibility.

From 2016-2019 she led the ICF Germany Charter Chapter as President or President past .

The podcast can be listened to on many podcast sources.

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