Strengthening coaching for resilience - the energy and resilience to be action-oriented and productive even under uncertainty. Individually and as a team

Petra is a certified coach of the ICF (ACC) and an independent consultant for personality development and cultural change. Your key question: "How can we support people in organizations in order to make a contribution to the implementation of sustainable entrepreneurial success through cooperation?"

As an experienced manager and internal coach, she has practical experience in a matrix organization of a Swedish banking group. She led a cross-location team and supported companies and institutions.

In cooperation with the CEO and TOP Management, she was involved in a larger change process at the bank and experienced for herself what it takes to lead people through change.

Alliance has been a partner at PAWLIK Consultants since 2017.

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Strengthening coaching for resilience

It is the right time to strengthen self-management skills, emotional potential and resilience. Those who are internally strong and stable remain action-oriented in the face of challenges, change and uncertainty, are more productive and prevent overload.

I look forward to seeing you and invite you to experience an effective, strengthening exercise for yourself. Developing resilience is a journey. Step by step, a special way of thinking is promoted and one's own resilience is further developed.

Get to know four key qualities that make it possible to develop resilience on an individual, team and company level. Each of these energies are essential, but none of them alone are sufficient for sustained resilience. You will take away a support question from each of these areas that you can use to help remote teams find answers.

The ICF initiative for pro bono resilience coaching makes a special contribution. We would like to thank the people in systemically relevant professions (e.g. nursing staff and rescue services) for their extraordinary commitment in the difficult time of the pandemic.