Nuray Akmeric, PCC, ORSCC

The Social Impact of Coaching: How the ICF Foundation is exploring the power of coaching for humanity and the planet?

The ICF Foundation is on a mission to exhibit how coaching can create sustainable, positive change for humanity and the planet. We beleive that globally, the effectiveness of social change organizations increases through coaching. We know that coaching is an amplifier and accelerator, and when applied, creates solutions and a ripple effect of impact. Because of coaching, individuals from around the globe will be able to surpass their limitations and achieve their personal and organizational goals. This year the ICF Foundation embarks on pilot projects to begin collecting data and research in support of coaching’s impact on society.  Join our panel of experts (ICF Foundation Trustees and Staff) as we provide an interactive and gerneative discussion on coaching for mission-driven organizations and individuals. Attendees will come away with a common language, coaching tools, and inspiration to apply coaching for social impact. Together we will:

  • Define Social Impact

  • Explore the opportunity and mission of the Foundation in this work

  • Share coaching experiences within mission-driven organizations and with social entrepreneurs

  • Identify optimal insertion points in mission-driven organization creating coaching for social impact


Nuray spent majority of her professional life in IT industry with management roles. In 2010, she started her company to provide coaching, consulting, and training based on her deep professional experience gained mostly in multinational companies – IBM, Software AG, SAS Institute. She has been awarded as the most successful woman of Turkish IT sector in 2005 by Dunya Newspaper.

As a professional coach, she holds the certifications in Career Coaching (Certified Executive Career Coach) and Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching (Organization and Relationship Systems Certified Coach). She also holds PCC credential of International Coach Federation (ICF) since 2016. She is the member of ICF Turkey since 2011 and currently she is the President of ICF Turkey.


Coaching made her inspired to think about her life purpose and realized that her life's purpose is to be useful and to create a difference in people’s life through providing services which are accessible to everybody. So, she started to work as volunteer in social responsibility projects of ICF Turkey.


Her experience includes career coaching, team and relationships coaching, business set up and restructuring, contract negotiation, analytics, business law, setting up systems, methodologies, and procedures. She offers exceptionally strong qualifications for leadership of operations, selling and delivering quality to customers, building, and managing a strong team.

She believes the power of continuous learning and continues her training especially in psychology (Transactional Analysis and Gestalt) and philosophy to enhance her coaching competencies.

Her book on career and personal development published in 2013 - ISBN 978-605-5236-16-8.

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