Prof. Dr. Nico Rose

Meaningful leadership - or: Why executives need good KAARMA

On the one hand, there is a consensus in many places that the days of “Command & Control” in leadership are long over. It is not infrequently propagated that leadership as a mechanism of coordination in organizations has completely served its purpose. On the other hand, many people - despite self-organization and agility - seem to yearn for leadership, especially in times of crisis. But what can a contemporary form of interpersonal leadership look like? And: Can you validly measure good leadership and thus make it usable for feedback processes? Finally: How can the personal and monetary consequences of good (vs. bad) leadership be made visible? You will know more after this lecture.

About the vita:

Dr. Nico Rose is Professor of Business Psychology at the International School of Management (ISM) in Dortmund. From 2010 to 2018 he worked for the Bertelsmann Group, most recently as Vice President in the staff of the Chief Human Resources Officer. In addition, Rose has been working as a freelance coach since 2008. He studied psychology at the WWU Münster and received his doctorate in business administration from the EBS Business School. He also studied positive psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. Nico Rose is the author of four books. The heavy metal fan is married and lives with his wife, two children and two cats in Hamm / Westphalia.