Neil Scotton

One Life. One World. One humanity. One Future:

In a time of great change, how we can open up bigger conversations for a better future

Much is happening in the world that is concerning. Socially. Environmentally. And more. Change is needed. But what can we do? We want a better future. But what can we do ourselves without feeling overwhelmed? And how do we raise the subject with clients and colleagues?

There is an easy way.

Neil's Wheel is a game-changing tool for catalysts and concerned citizens, whatever their position in life and business. It's ideal for professional coaches and their clients. Tested and proven by highly experienced coaches, it's simple yet profound. It works by aligning our whole selves, across our whole lives, connecting with what we care about in the world. People gain completely new awareness, and emerge clear and energized about the difference they want to make, and the way that's right for them.

Discover the wheel. Enjoy its simplicity. Try it yourself. Add it to your toolbox. Help create a better future.


Neil Scotton is globally awarded coach, columnist and catalyst.

Supporting people worldwide who are making good things happen, he is a past President of the ICF in the UK. Neil was nominated External Coaching / Mentoring Person of the Year in 2019. He is a quiet voice driving change in the coaching profession, himself driven by a future conversation: what are we going to tell the children of tomorrow that we did in these times?

Coaching communities regularly invite him to inspire them and bring them together. Neil creates safe spaces for the conversations we know we need to have.

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