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Mirjana Gomilanovic

I am a professional certified coach in the field of leadership development and organizational growth, author of the books "Lighthouse in me" and "A Boy in Executive Suit", executive director of the Agency "One2grow - Leadership Coaching" and author of a unique program for leadership development "Renaissance Leadership".

I am registered Mentor Coach with ICF and used to be in the position of Vice President and Program Director in ICF Serbia Chapter. My work can be characterized as maximizing the strength of individuals, so that the person, organization and the complete environment can benefit from it.  I place a great emphasis on returning man to the center of business and sustainability, through the prism of ecology.

Emotional Intelligence for VUCA Leadership

The key message of the workshop is that EI can be developed.

Being a leader means being able to lead self, lead team and lead business.  By "lead self" I mean understanding personal values, passion, believes, limitations, emotions and being able to read both internal messages and those from the system. Understanding reactions and "listening to" intuition as well as checking reality are the key success factors for leaders in VUCA world.

Being able to define personal and colleague's real feeling is a start of making healthy desicions.

Emotional intelligence deals with three areas: me, you and the system. Perfect match for leadership development!

Benefits for the participants?

  • Understand personal EI score and choose area for improvement

  • Embrace concept of wellbeing

  • Understand defferences in emotional scales

  • Understand personal motivation factors and values

  • Define personal action plan for some EI elements