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Markus Kristen

New normal: Coaches cause/cash/calm climate crisis! Welchen Beitrag wollen Sie leisten?

As a coach, how can I take responsibility and inspire responsible action in business?
To design a “better normal” means to pull the curtain aside in order to recognize unconscious biases and toxic paradigms. With the clarity we have gained, we can direct a more productive play on the stage of this economic and social epoch: The play is not called “5 to 12”, but “How we designed the better new normal together and lived happily for another 5000 years”. 

The key note addresses the following sticking points:

  • Self-update: What do I believe in - what do I consider fake news - how do I update my opinions, attitudes and values?

  • Relevant data that aptly describe the current state of the economy in the global ecosystem: status quo and core drivers for the sustainable new normal.

  • How do I see my responsibility and how can and would I like to bring it into the coaching contact? How to inspire to climate responsibility?

  • Seize coaching in the mega trend of climate change adaptation and mitigation as a "business opportunity".


Talk will be in German language


As a management coach and organizational developer, I have been working mainly in corporations and start-ups for 15 years.

Two years ago my (Fridays-for-Future-) children asked me: "Dad, what are you actually doing so that we, our children and many more generations can get back a future worth living in?"

Since then I have faced this responsibility and am in the process of a personal, business and content-related transformation - on an iterative path of learning, trying out and adapting with the aim of a long-term  new normal, which maintains or regenerates the essential life processes on these planets.

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