Manuel Pistner

Departure Into The Practice Of New Work: MAKE.WORK.BETTER.

In this interactive session we would like to take you on a journey into the practical worlds of New Work and New Leadership. New forms of cooperation, collaboration and leadership are in demand to keep the focus on the most essential things even in uncertain and turbulent times. In theory, this is already familiar to many. But how do we as an organization really get into practice when it comes to the so-called "new economy"? A kind of best practice guide for agile virtual and hybrid teams would be very helpful at this point. Inspired by the studies of Stanford University on "Flash Organizations" and "Flash Teams", Manuel Pistner and his team started a transformation towards a fluid and virtually operating organization with agile approaches, tools and workflows several years ago. In this session, Manuel Pistner will talk to the participants about the insights we gained, what could have been better, and where pitfalls and problems arose. He will also share his personal impressions from the past years. The participants will have the opportunity to get actively involved, ask questions, and put the first action lines into practice.


At the end the participants will know: 


  • how teams and organizations can work productively and effectively in an agile environment

  • what roles trust plays in the company and how to create an atmosphere in which trust can grow

  • why radical transparency is a key factor in the transformation process


Manuel is passionate about making the world of work as we know it ready for the future. He lives digitalization consistently and inspires other entrepreneurs and managers with his disruptive and unconventional methods to rethink old patterns of thinking and develop a mindset that meets the complex requirements of the working world of today and tomorrow. He has lived through the ups and downs of classical entrepreneurship many times. 

Manuel started as a freelancer in software development in 2006 and founded the digital agency Bright Solutions in 2011. In his company, he has been consistently using remote employees since 2012 to strengthen his local team and since 2018 he has been using globally operating virtual teams.