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Kai Helfritz

The new norFührung im neuen Normal – Gemeinschaftsstudie der DGFP mit dem Fraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation IAO.m - virtual work at Intel

The course of the pandemic continues to influence our everyday private and professional lives. Mobile working in the form of home office is still very much in demand. As a resilience factor, it has become part of the crisis strategy of many companies. In the long term, hybrid work concepts with a mix of work shares inside and outside the company will remain in place. Many decision-makers have understood which flexibility, compatibility, sustainability and productivity potential can be used in this way. Mobile forms of work have evolved from a »feel-good issue« for selected employees to a resilient factor in operational organization and process planning. In addition, the crisis acted like a digitization accelerator and convinced employees and executives as well as the company management of the vital importance of digitization and the skills and work culture required for it.


Here we present survey results to the questions: How should leadership work be designed in the expected hybrid working world? Which competencies are required of managers and in which organizational forms will leadership be perceived in the future? So what do our participants answer in this complex of topics?


Talk will be in German language


Kai H. Helfritz is Head of Member Management and Cooperations at the German Society for Personnel Development DGFP.

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