Prof. Dr. Jutta Rump

A look behind the scenes of Agile Working and New Leadership

Agile working and new leadership are indisputably part of the working and leadership principles of the present and the future. Agile Working and New Leadership is seen as an answer to the VUCA world and to the comprehensive transformation processes. In order for both to be used successfully, numerous factors and framework conditions must be taken into account. A look behind the scenes should provide answers here. What role do aspects such as personal suitability and the personality and competence profile associated with agility and participation play, dealing with the continuous pressure situation as well as with points of friction and conflicts in the team and across teams, dealing with people who cannot keep up or not wanting, democratization and the need for participation in the context of crisis situations that set free centralization ... Last but not least, the intercultural dimension should be taken into account. In cultures that are good at dealing with uncertainty and uncertainty, Agile Working and New Leadership can develop well, while cultures that avoid uncertainty find it rather difficult.


Prof. Dr. Jutta Rump is professor for general business administration with a focus on international personnel management and organizational development at the Ludwigshafen University of Economics and Society. In addition, she is director of the Institute for Employment and Employability in Ludwigshafen (IBE) - a scientific institution of the University of Economics and Society Ludwigshafen and a research focus of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Her main research interests are trends in the world of work (digitization, demography, diversity, social change in values, technological trends,

economic developments, ...) and the consequences for personnel management and organizational development as well as leadership.

Since 2007 Jutta Rump has continuously been one of the "40 leading people in human resources" (Personalmagazin magazine) and one of the 10 most important professors for human resource management in German-speaking countries.

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