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ICF Diversity Inspiration

​ICF Diversity Inspiration - What Inspires You?

How do you bring coaching and diversity together? With the Diversity Inspiration we want to create more visibility for what you do. We want to steal your stealth caps. Get out of the sink, the cupboards and all other hiding places. We want to put you in the spotlight.
In this round we present the new ICF initiative. We want to enter into a dialogue with you and know: Why do you think you would be there? Why are you a diversity inspiration? Or do you know someone who is?


The Diversity Inspiration jury will be there: Maha Alusi, Stephan Dahl, Kirsten Dierolf, Katja von Glinowiecki, Lina Maria Kotschedoff and Nicole Seichter. We present the initiative and talk to you about how you can get the Diversity Inspiration Badge.

The Diversity Inspiration is the new initiative of the ICF Germany. The initiative puts outstanding coaches and projects in the limelight, which are worthy of diversity and coaching.

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