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Felix Müller

New Normal gehirngerecht gestalten (w3-Workshop)

As with other coaches, more and more topics related to the design of the New Normal come up in the coaching sessions.

We coaches should therefore be able to support the New Normal with our knowledge, methods and approaches.

But how up-to-date is our knowledge for this task, for example?

Because especially in the last few years, neuroscience has gained a lot of exciting insights that are relevant for New Work. Like, for example, that the brain has two modes of operation that can be used for very different purposes. Ignorance of this knowledge can lead to the fact that we help shape the future with outdated knowledge.

That can be seen on November 12th. change! Therefore, I invite you in my workshop in the format of the W3-Liberating Structure (what ?, so what ?, now what?) To derive concrete activities from the two operating modes of the brain so that you can start today, the New Normal to make it brain-friendly.

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