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Elly Oldenbourg

NEW WORK ... and use your own room for maneuver

In view of the profound changes in the labor market and in society, it is obvious that we are making structural changes in our working and economic world. In the thicket of buzzwords, however, many find it difficult to move from 'talking about it' to acting, as so often we do not have an understanding problem but an implementation problem. Elly Oldenbourg would like to build exactly this bridge in her keynote and encourage people to come into really new work, creation and design as an individual and as a multiplier in companies, instead of further optimizing the status quo of the (working) world.

Session in German language.


Elly Oldenbourg is a lot: As a Gen Y with a multicultural background, manager, job sharer, side preneur, speaker, volunteer, mother, she has become the voice for new work, diversity or non-linearity beyond the buzzwords in recent years. She loves to question the norms and structures of time, work and life again and again. Elly gets involved in public debates and within companies to establish really new work and life models. Not as a means to an end to keep an outdated ideal alive, but to finally put people, community and planet at the center of all our “work”.

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