Dr. Ulrike C. Strasser

Gen. Talk
Engage all generations. Speak. To listen. Use conflicts. Promote innovation.

Today up to five generations work together in one company. Generations whose strengths and needs could not be more different, whose values often meet, but different from the point of view of old and young  be interpreted. Their attitudes towards error culture, change or
Diversity often leads to difficulties in everyday life and their language is often not understood
  will. Your skills could complement each other perfectly, especially since studies show that  Mixed-age teams are more successful. Cross-generational cross-gen collaboration promotes creative thinking and innovation. Those involved need  less time for process interactions, get over difficulties faster and make more of the different talents of the  Team members. Mixed  Teams are more successful when the individual members benefit from the benefits of the  Are convinced of multigenerationality.
Especially now, when self-organized cooperation and holocracy are being discussed,
  clear agreements and clear responsibility structures are required. That is not a contradiction. Very many people are motivated and  self-responsibly, without immediately thinking about self-fulfillment, a lot of people want clear instructions, but none  “Orders”: A manager must be able to give people instructions and control them without behaving in an authoritarian, blind and disregarding manner. With the  Generation Z grows up people, the leadership theories, which understand it as a standard procedure that a helmsman controls and gives instructions for it,  not knowing. However, Generation Z is also well aware that it is  There are necessities that do not have to be discussed for long. While the  Baby boomers don't (don't) want to lead and Generation X the American one  finds performance-oriented, number-driven management easier, she fears  Generation Y does both and shy away from tough calls just like baby boomers. How Generation Z will lead remains to be seen.


Dr. Ulrike C. Straßer is a business graduate and systemic coach. she works as  Author, lecturer, executive coach and consultant with a focus on the development of managers and their teams. She developed the concept of cross-generational intelligence as a coherent answer to the challenges of our time. The team  their initiative cross-generational.com advises organizations on questions of new cooperation. Dr. Ulrike C. Straßer is Partner and Head of Coaching for Leadership  Choices GmbH.

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