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Dr. René Kusch

Increasing coachability in dominant executives: an empirical consideration

In order to fully exploit their own potential, managers should be regularly informed of how others perceive their leadership behavior - because the image of others and self-image often diverge. For a manager to be able to process feedback constructively, it is important to have a level-headed reaction, acceptance and a serious discussion of the content.

In the lecture, we will use empirical studies to shed light on how the personality of coachees is related to the different phases of feedback processing. These findings help coaches to understand how coachees react to feedback even before the feedback and to prepare themselves in such a way that the effectiveness of the feedback is increased. The data show that coaches, in particular, should not allow themselves to be fooled by “alpha animals”. Because “alpha animals” in particular often become the best allies once they have been won over to deal with feedback that does not correspond to their self-image.

There is enough time to share experiences with the participants and to discuss the following questions, among others: How can coaches prepare for feedback from dominant managers? How can the coachability of executives be increased? What contribution can well-founded personality procedures make?


Dr. René Kusch is the founder and managing director of RELEVANT Managementberatung GmbH. The industrial and organizational psychologist supports individuals in developing their strategic self-awareness on the one hand, and management teams in conscious and effective decision-making on the other, and organizations in the systematic application of personality procedures.

René is one of the Hogan experts in German-speaking countries. He has been working with the Hogan process since 2008 and is a member of the global Hogan coaching network. René has used Hogan more than 1,500 times with executives and their teams in various company sizes in an international context. He has already certified hundreds of other consultants, trainers and coaches in the application of the Hogan procedure.


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