Dr. René Kusch

The impact of personality assessment in business coaching

In this interactive session, we would like to jointly explore whether personality assessments are hocus pocus or a useful business tool. Personality assessments aren’t exclusively reserved to help employers hire the best employees; anyone can use personality assessments to potentially improve their performance at work, whether they work for themselves or someone else. By identifying our advantageous and not-so-advantageous personality traits, we can establish parameters that facilitate our best solo and collaborative efforts, plan our careers and become more effective at what we do. Hogan Assessments provide us with the big data that taps into the underlying perceptions and drivers behind high-level decisions, strategies, and priorities. By combining the art of coaching with the science of Hogan, coaches can guide their clients to improved outcomes at every touch point in their strategic decision.


Dr. René Kusch supports coaches, consultants and trainers to provide customized assessment solutions along the whole employee-lifecycle to their clients. He holds a PhD in industrial and organizational psychology and is founder of RELEVANT management consulting. René has worked with thousands of managers and HR making personnel decisions, develop and together with their teams become more effective. Rene is crazy about the science and art of personality.

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Rene Kusch (www.heikefischer-fotografie.de)
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Annette Czernik (https://www.markuspuettmann.de)


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Annette Czernik (https://www.markuspuettmann.de)


Dr. René Kusch &
Annette B. Czernik (Barcamp)

Leading today: How to tackle derailment

Managers still derail. They fight, flight and sometimes freeze. This is especially critical in times in which the pressure is high. Managers and companies are interested to identify potential derailment and do something about it before it has significant consequences.
Derailing behavior often is very situation specific. Therefore, it can be tricky to identify underlying risk factors in a coaching process or leadership development program. As a result, managers sometimes have difficulties implementing insights into their daily routines in a way that really makes a difference.
In the webinar, we will present and discuss three elements of making derailment for managers less likely: How to
a) assess personality-based derailment tendencies
b) debrief tendencies as situation-specific as possible
c) address underlying dogmas, in a way, that makes development less resource-intensive.
As an example, we will use HOGAN, the global premium personality assessments, and provide numerous examples from our work with executives and their teams.


Annette B. Czernik, PCC, is a senior consultant and executive coach at RELEVANT management consulting. She encourages leaders in organizations to be the best version of themselves using the power of analysis, and an enthusiastic practitioner of the Hogan Assessment Suite. Her previous corporate career includes several team leader roles in leadership development, talent management, and change management, both nationally and internationally.

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RELEVANT (https://relevant-mb.de) is German distributor and certification entity for HOGAN Assessments, and the 360 Leadership Versatility Index (LVI, by Kaiser Leadership Solutions). RELEVANT is the sponsor of the German ICF PRISM award.