Dr. Fabian Urban

New Work. New Self - beyond marshmallow, Lego and Co.

Technological progress is not what triggers the transformation of work, only its catalyst. As a change that was set in motion long before and deeply anchored in society, New Work focuses on the individual with his or her motives, values, needs and attitudes. In addition to a better understanding of social interaction and the function of dynamic systems, the ego and the self are central focal points of new forms of organization in our work.
If companies want to shape this new work beyond the digital transformation, they have to add the aspect of self-clarification to their employee development - not because the workforce is only then compatible, but their work.


Dr. Fabian Urban is Co-Director of the House of Leadership, holds a PhD in behavioral scientist and economist, long distance triathlete and systemic coach. He did his doctorate on the subject of "Emotions and Leadership" and deals with behavioral fundamentals and microstructures in
Teams, the question of successful leadership in organizations and the possibility of self-realization, potential development and identity formation in individuals.

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