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Dr. Bernadette Tillmanns-Estorf

The "new normal" in the interplay of digital leadership and professional communication -  what comes, what stays, what goes?

Times of intense change lie behind us. Cooperation and leadership had to and must be redefined. Companies are looking for new ways and rules for work locations and working methods. But which way is the right one? What do the employees want? What do companies need and what are the requirements for their managers? Which approaches are suitable for finding the right balance between digital leadership and professional communication? How will it be possible to identify and retain employees in companies in the future? These are just a few of the many questions we are confronted with in the “New Normal”. The lecture offers insights into current studies, reports from the everyday life of companies and promises that not all questions will be answered conclusively.

Session in German.


Dr. Bernadette Tillmanns — Estorf is co-founder and partner of “Familienbande” (, which has been offering “Consulting in Change” in communication, marketing and brands for family businesses and value-oriented companies since October 2021. Before founding her own company, Bernadette Tillmanns-Estorf worked for 24 years as director of corporate communications in a global company in the health sector. Here, parallel to communication, she headed the global HR department for four years and developed methods of agile collaboration with "Tasks and Teams", on which she published a highly acclaimed book.

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