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Christian Hug

Sustainability is a top priority - true or false?

This interview is about the experiences of four certified in-house coaches from a global media company. The pilot project was primarily about building an in-house coaching culture and introducing coaching as a 1: 1 and group development opportunity at all hierarchical levels.

Our conversation is about the milestones before the launch, the key learnings and the fact that coaching was ultimately 'democratized' as a development tool. Nowadays, not only has the economic consumer behavior become more and more personalized, but the coaches also wanted to recognize that the development of employees has become more and more differentiated and individual.

The interview is primarily about an open dialogue about the practical steps from the idea to the launch. The open discussion also offers the opportunity to ask specific questions. The title of the lecture comes from the feedback from the coachees, who have determined that they can make a difference themselves and that issues of change and sustainability need to be supported at all levels.


About the vita:

As an expert in the field of People & Culture, I have more than 20 years of international HR experience in the financial services and media industries.  

For over 10 years of that I have specialized in the areas of wellbeing & inclusion for employees and built up the area of diversity, equity & inclusion in a global media company.

I draw my energy from working with people from a multicultural environment and enjoy watching their potential unfold and I can support them through coaching and systemic work to find their authentic and unique path - personally and professionally.

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