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Carola Koreuber

Wie machen wir aus einem “new normal” ein “better normal”?

The COVID-19 virus has led to radical changes in all areas of our lives around the world. To adjust to this new reality, that is to say to live in a new way, to master work and dealings with other people, raises the question of “HOW?” For most of them.


One possible answer is Gallup's (qualitative) approach “wellbeing”. A high level of wellbeing is described as having a satisfied and successful life ("thriving") and includes all the things that are important for everyone. Wellbeing comprises five elements that are interconnected and interdependent. In the workshop, the wellbeing of the elements “job / career”, “social environment”, “finances”, “health” and “environment” is illuminated and discussed interactively using specific questions.

The joint discussion results in practicable measures that everyone can take with them individually and / or in their professional position. An assessment of the current and future life situation should give everyone the opportunity to evaluate his / her personal "wellbeing" in order to get an impetus where these measures can offer added value for themselves and others.

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