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Birgit Rohm

Self-leadership in communication - conscious conflict avoidance

With self-leadership we get to know our reaction patterns, we also get an X-ray view that enables us to understand others better. This means that we can control conversations that threaten to lead to a conflict more securely.  

In conversations, not all participants have the same goal and that is the first thing to find out. Second, every participant has a need to achieve their goal and these trigger emotions. A completely normal course, which however often needs to be controlled, in which emotions are condemned or embarrassed and / or the goal is tried to be achieved through insult and accusation - a conflict is in full swing.

The self-leadership coaching technique helps you to avoid exactly that and gives you tools to get to your goal in challenges with appreciation and clarity. In this lecture you will hear how this works and what errors and effects can occur without self-leadership.

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