New Work! Some forms of it have reached us faster in the past few weeks due to the Corona crisis than we could have imagined a short time ago. And quite a few have recognized that New Work needs new forms of cooperation, speaking to one another, trusting and engaging with one another.

Many people equate New Work with virtual work, but New Work is much more. Matthias Horx , futurologist and trend researcher, describes the core of this development as follows: “New Work focuses on the development of potential of every single person . New Work describes an epochal upheaval that begins with the question of meaning and fundamentally reshapes the world of work ”*.

How do experts around the topics of coaching and human resources see it? What does New Work mean for you? In your opinion, what is important in this context - in general, in leadership, in coaching? And how can we all take responsibility for the world in our work and set positive impulses for society ?

Get to the bottom of these topics with us on coachingTAG 2020 and find out what essential aspects and development boosters are! We will live New Work together at this conference, because the coachingTAG 2020 will be virtual so as not to endanger anyone and to not provide the pandemic with any further attack options. We look forward to it, as it gives us the opportunity to actively use new forms of networking, exchanging, discussing and creating together!

We have put together an exciting program for you that will inspire you and from which you will get many new ideas and insights.

And celebrate with us the presentation of the third German Prism Award , sponsored by RELEVANT.

"New Work focuses on the development of potential of every single person" - ICF supports precisely this, future- oriented and with the highest quality of coaching!


We look forward to seeing you!



* Source:


Kirsten Dierolf, MCC



Barbara Klinke, ACC

Member of the Board  / Head of Events


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